Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weaving Art into Spirit

We are excited to announce the final six entries for the 2015 Spirit Weavers Gathering call for artist! We received over 40 beautiful and unique entries and it was so hard to choose but in the end, we feel these final images truly represent the essence of the gathering. Congratulations to Sandra Betancort, Isabelle Bryna, Elspeth McLean, Karen Inman, Rebecca Leach and Lily Swindle!  Deep Gratitude to all those who submitted their artwork! So much beauty to be shared! 
Voting is super easy with no log in so please vote on your favorite image here… Winner chosen will have their artwork represent this years event and will also receive a free ticket to the gathering! Deadline to vote is October 15th.

Karen Inman
Sandra Betancort
Isabelle Bryna
Rebecca Leach
Elspeth McLean
Lily Swindle
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spirit Weavers Gathering call for Sister Artists!

In the spirit of women gathering to share their dreams and hearts, we would like to invite you to submit your beautiful art to be used for the 2015 Spirit Weavers Gathering!  We are gratefully accepting submissions until September 15th. We will choose several images to be voted on by our community. Winner and gathering info will be announced October 1st. The artist who's image is chosen will receive a free entry into the gathering! 

The submissions should coincide with our previous images so feel free to use them as inspiration. Please leave room for font so that we can include the info for the next gathering.  Some ideas for our current space may include REDWOODS, RIVERS and RAINBOWS! 

Please submit to

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spirit Weavers Artwork~ by Karolina Daria Flora

I have posted on here before about my dear sis, Karolina Daria.  She is one of my favorite humans on the planet and she inspires me to no end.  I wanted her to be a part of this years gathering but knew it may not be possible as she most likely would be in Iceland hanging with glaciers and gnomes. I knew her art would be perfect for the gathering.  She puts so much love and intention into the pieces she makes i only imagined something truly magical coming from her hands.  Below are the images she shared of her finished pieces.  In the digital age, much is lost behind and image.  Karolina hand wove each and every piece for the image by hand using the ancient Huichol style of string art.  These were not collaged on but instead woven with love and light for the sisterhood.  Thank you Karolina, you are truly a gem and a light worker beyond! 

 "Preparing that image had been an honor and a great adventure for me to explore a technique used by the amazing Huichol people of Mexico- painting with threads, yet another way of trespassing the rigid rules of linear time, mastering patience and being completely in the here and now.
It's been a beautiful time for me to devote many winter evenings to creation of this piece, with which I want to send my love and bless each person that next week will be weaving magic with Amy and all the wonderful teachers, the Desert, the Sun and the Moon." Karolina Daria Flora

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Cycle of the Moon Cleanse

Just arriving back from our journey to New Zealand and am grateful to have my juicer again! I am super excited to be joining the last 8 days of the Cycle of the Moon Cleanse. Please feel free to join Angela de la Agua and I as we facilitate the moon cleanse. Visit Cycle of the Moon Cleanse for more info! Below are photos of the cleanse happening now. View #cycleofthemooncleanse on Instagram to add to the fun.  We cleanse four times a year with a beautiful support system so if this isn't the right time for you now, please join our mailing list for seasonal dates.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

✺Spirit Weavers Gathering 2014✺

The new website for the 2014 Spirit Weavers gathering is up with all classes and weavers posted! Registration and ticket sales begin Saturday April 5th @ 10am pst.  Join us for five days of hands on earth skills, ceremony, sisterhood and sweet sleep under the desert stars!
Honored to welcome 20 new teachers to this years gathering!
With many new classes added~  Fermentation, pottery, basket weaving, instrument making, herbal wellness, medicine bags, macrame, water carriers, natural dying, yoga, lots of ceremony and so much more! 
And grateful to welcome back all of our weavers from 2013!!

Please visit the Spirit Weavers Gathering for more info. Website design by Tehya Shea Minger .

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spirit Weavers Applications

We are calling forth earth skilled women and artisans who are open to sharing  a craft or knowledge of a particular  skill.  It’s incredibly rewarding when you can walk away from a gathering with a handful of  treasures that you have crafted yourself.  Instructor and work trade applications for the gathering are now available through the website.  PLease visit if you feel called to share with us this year. 

Monday, February 10, 2014


The music Agustin has been creating throughout our travels over the last few years is now being shared and celebrated! So honored to witness the creation of these beautiful sounds!

Fader Magazine presents the official debut video of ABUELAS first single, "True Colors" in collaboration with Evan Mast from Ratatat.
This music is medicine!

You can also the SAPA video they did together here ABUELA: SAPA