Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Cycle of the Moon Cleanse

Just arriving back from our journey to New Zealand and am grateful to have my juicer again! I am super excited to be joining the last 8 days of the Cycle of the Moon Cleanse. Please feel free to join Angela de la Agua and I as we facilitate the moon cleanse. Visit Cycle of the Moon Cleanse for more info! Below are photos of the cleanse happening now. View #cycleofthemooncleanse on Instagram to add to the fun.  We cleanse four times a year with a beautiful support system so if this isn't the right time for you now, please join our mailing list for seasonal dates.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

✺Spirit Weavers Gathering 2014✺

The new website for the 2014 Spirit Weavers gathering is up with all classes and weavers posted! Registration and ticket sales begin Saturday April 5th @ 10am pst.  Join us for five days of hands on earth skills, ceremony, sisterhood and sweet sleep under the desert stars!
Honored to welcome 20 new teachers to this years gathering!
With many new classes added~  Fermentation, pottery, basket weaving, instrument making, herbal wellness, medicine bags, macrame, water carriers, natural dying, yoga, lots of ceremony and so much more! 
And grateful to welcome back all of our weavers from 2013!!

Please visit the Spirit Weavers Gathering for more info. Website design by Tehya Shea Minger .

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spirit Weavers Applications

We are calling forth earth skilled women and artisans who are open to sharing  a craft or knowledge of a particular  skill.  It’s incredibly rewarding when you can walk away from a gathering with a handful of  treasures that you have crafted yourself.  Instructor and work trade applications for the gathering are now available through the website.  PLease visit if you feel called to share with us this year. 

Monday, February 10, 2014


The music Agustin has been creating throughout our travels over the last few years is now being shared and celebrated! So honored to witness the creation of these beautiful sounds!

Fader Magazine presents the official debut video of ABUELAS first single, "True Colors" in collaboration with Evan Mast from Ratatat.
This music is medicine!

You can also the SAPA video they did together here ABUELA: SAPA

Sunday, February 9, 2014

2nd Annual Spirit Weavers Gathering!!

Truly excited to announce the info for the 2nd Annual Spirit Weavers Gathering! Join us May 22nd~ May 26th on a beautiful piece of land outside Joshua Tree, CA! Updated website will be launched March 1st, where teacher and work trade applications will be available. Ticket sales and registration will open April 5th.  Calling in the sisterhood for this beautiful journey of the heart!

Monday, January 20, 2014

☼ Kamana Media presents Daughter of the Sun ☼

Mandalas in da sky from Kamana Media on Vimeo.

On an early fall morning I went down to one of our favorite beaches on Kauai, Moloa'a to make our farewell offering as we were headed to the mainland to do some traveling. Agustin was in Peru filming so I would be making this offering on behalf of our small family.  There was also some recent news coming forth about the Fukushima radiation in the ocean hitting the Hawaiian shores and so I wanted to also send some prayers to our beloved Mama Ocean and all of her magnificent sea life as well.  My beautiful friends Sarah and Diego from Kamana Media asked if they could come and film one of my ceremonies.  At first I was unsure as they are such intimate and sacred offerings and I never really feel comfortable being filmed but they promised to make it fun and easy so I invited them to join me.

As soon as we arrived on the beach and I began to cleanse the space, a giant rainbow appeared over the ocean.  I wasn't surprised because it seems rainbows are always showing up as signs that we are being seen and heard, especially on the islands.  This rainbow definitely gave us her full spectrum blessings.  The sun came out over the Mountain, we all went for a swim and it turned out to be a beautiful Kauai day.

This year I will be making a book composed of my mandala offerings made over the last five years.  I have a large collection of photographs composed of earth offerings from all over.   Mushroom from forests, vegetable from gardens, wild flowers from roaring hills, cacti from the desert, vines from the jungle, seashells from the beaches and of course tropical flowers from the islands.  I will be sharing about my process along with tools and tips on how to create your own magical offerings.

Huge Gratitude to my amazing Ohana at Kamana Media for creating this beautiful video. They are Kauai's leading videographers offering all of your filming needs whether it be weddings, sacred events, music videos and beyond!  Be sure to follow them on Instagram as they share the beauty of the island and more.

Friday, December 20, 2013

✦ Active Culture Family ✦

1. a community of beneficial intestinal bacteria that work cooperatively to produce systemic wellness.
2. jewelry, art,  and limited edition collaborations by Erin Rivera Merriman and friends.  
Erin Rivera Merriman aka~ Bearhead Factory and now ACTIVE CULTURE FAMILY has brought together a beautiful little tribe for her first series of collaborations.  Honored to be part of the magic alongside a heart full of other artists including Three Arrows Leather, Ghost Dancer, All Roads Market, Penabranca and Jetter Green. The show is now hanging in San Diego at The Platform.  You can also visit the website for full images and interviews.  

Erin Rivera Merriman with cotton and wool. 

All Roads Market with cotton, silk , brass and leather textile

Ghost Dancer with cotton, silk and wool fibers

Three Arrows Leather with leather and gold trade beads

Daughter of the Sun with brain tanned buckskin, vintage guatemalan weaving and seed beads