Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lemurian Seed Ceremonies...

Two months on the beautiful island of Kauai...
The last few moons have been amazing living out of our van, sleeping on the beaches, eating wild foods galore... coconuts, avocados, citrus, everywhere we look! Drinking from the springs... free gifts from the earth mother. Ahhhh, and the RAINBOWS.... moon bows, fractal bows, double and triple, circular rainbows.... everywhere we turn!!! The flowers, the dolphins, the whales!!! Magic in every corner here in Lemuria. So blessed to have spent this time with the Aina. Planting crystals and making shell and flower mandalas... offerings to mama pacha! Have been connecting with all of my brothers and sister back on the mainland.... sending you loving vibrations from across the seashores. I love you so much!!!

With this cycle coming to its completion we just arrived in ~~**AOTEAROA**~~ NEW ZEALAND!! We will be on the north island for the first few months. We begin our journey with a ten day Vipassana meditation... http://www.medini.dhamma.org/ Buying a camper van to now call home.

Just watched an amazing film http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6736722752013377089&hl=en KYMATICA... If we are always remembering to stay in our heartspace, living and loving without fear we will ride these waves with grace. This has what is calling me to New Zealand... the land of the Maori people, indigenous wisdom that will heal our hearts and allow us to get out of our minds. All of the cultures around the world have been talking about this for many, many moons. Everyone is waking up!! Its such a beautiful time to be ALIVE!!! In this NOW, in the MOMENT.

I also wanted to share about these beautiful glass bottles we got from this guy right in LA, so anyone in LA... you must order these... http://www.miron-glas.com/en His name is SAM and his email is Samuel@sacredfriends.org They are between 12-20.00 each.

Thank you for allowing me to share these tales, thank you beautiful HUMAN!