Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aotearoa, I love you!

The summer sun is here!!! Ahhh, almost a year has passed and life keeps growing brighter and brighter everyday! I have been in New Zealand for the last nine months on a community called Karuna Falls. There are over 750 acres of wild bush, fruit orchard, waterfalls, spring water, solar power and the ocean at our feet! Truly Paradise!! We are staying in an amazing wooden hand made house with beautiful garden and view of the land! Wild birds singing us their sweet songs day and night. Lots of time to meditate and go deep within, healing our bodies of old patterns and programs. Simple living does wonders for the heart.

Still makin tons of jewelry and crafts but havent put much on ETSY as I'M not on the computer so much. My latest creations have been loom beading bracelets and anklets. Made a few deer skin pipe bags, a few purses and my favorite.... baskets!! Flax weaving, cat tail hats and wisteria baskets! So fun!!

Getting ready to cruise to the South Island where I hear we are about to have our minds blown! I can't begin to imagine what could be more beautiful then where we are now!! Learnin' to surf and taking our daily ocean baths is one thing I love about New Zealand. Clean water and chill surf vibes!! Ahhh, thank you Mama Earth for this opportunity to be nurtured by your love!