Monday, June 27, 2011

Love up your skin with herbs from the Mama!

Been making beautiful skin creams and masks. These two creations were from Rosemary Gladstars FAMILY HERBAL book. This is my herb bible! Tons of recipes for health and Beauty. Sending these little gifts out to my sea*stars on the mainland.

I used these ingredients for the cream. You can make your own version from the recipe in her book.... Cocoa butter, coconut oil, aloe vera leaf, beeswax, lanolin, mayan crystal infused spring water, vitamin e, apricot oil and a few drops of essential oils... rose geranium, lavender and chamomile.

Finished creams!

The mask is amazing! Ingredients are Oats, purple corn, dried roses, lavender, spiralina and white clay...

Most important ingredient for any recipe... LOVE.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flower Ceremony with Tito La Rosa

Agustin, Naia and I sat in a traditional Peruvian flower Ceremony with Tito La Rosa on Sunday.  Tito comes from Peru to Kauai once a year to do ceremony.  Handed lovingly down from the Q’ero Nation of Peru, Tito La Rosa gives to us the legacy of the flower ceremony. Steeped in the tradition of Munay (The Power of Love) and invoking the Pachamama (Earth), he transforms the music from his ancient instruments into a healing medium.  Tito entered into the plane of no time, where the power of love and healing also know no limits.  Tito has been doing sound healing for over 30 years.  The instruments he works with take you to another dimension. What a beautiful way to work with the flowers and songs of these gifts.  The Ceremony was 5 hours long and we each were bathed in a shower of flowers all over our bodies.  Community is Nature, Nature is Community...

Ending the day with a beautiful Hawaiian Sunset...