Friday, July 29, 2011

Wailapa waterfall adventures!

Spent the day filming with Papa at Wailapa Falls
and then hit the $1.00 coco stand after a long days hike!

Mahalo Mama Kauai!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Full Moon Offerings ~

Giving back to the Earth. What does this mean? The mayans from Guatetemala and many other indiginous around the world give back before they allow themselves to receive again. This often means bringing all of their belongings to the fire and throwing them in. Practicing the art of non-attachment.  The Q'eros of Peru make offerings of Cocoa leaves to the Pacha Mama several times a day. All in a ceremonial fashion. Why is it that here in the Western World, we take and take and take from the Mama and never give back? The Indiginous who live so simply are our brightest teachers! Agustin and I have tried to make it habit to make ceremonial offerings as much as we can. We are about to transition and start traveling again so we figured this was a good time to let go!
First we find a space of land that speaks to us.  We call in the four directions, opening up the circle.  Shells and crystals are then placed forming a mandala.  With each offering laid we say a prayer.  A prayer for family, a prayer for the earth, a prayer for you, a prayer for me.

Next we lay paper over the mandala and begin with the flowers.  We take each flower and hold it up offering thanks to the mountains, thanks to the winged ones, the four legged,  sacred sites around the world, our loved ones and anything/one our hearts call to.
We then add different offerings of herbs around the flowers.  Today we offered roses, corn, lavender, catnip, passion fruit, tobacco, sage, jasmine, calendula frankincense and a whole other nest of medicine.
Last, we fold  the paper into a bundle and make a fire.  We offer the bundle to the fire so that the smoke will then carry our prayers to Spirit.   The mandala is left as our gift of gratitude.  
Basket of love.
We close the circle, play some music and enjoy the warmth of the fire and the warmth of life.  Aho!! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spring water equals GOLD~

Another blessing Kauai has to offer is the hidden Spring at the end of the North Shore. Once every few weeks, the Family takes a drive and fills up 5 five gallon bottles. We cleanse our bodies, our crystals, our hearts.

Receiving water straight from the mountain is about the best gift we could receive. Its clean, pure and energized filled with the mana of the mama! These days, who knows where our water is coming from. There are local springs everywhere! More than you might imagine. Look into where you are living. Its worth it to take the drive and spend time at the spring!

~Always remember to leave an offering of some sort! This is a beautiful sacred hawaiian Blue Jade Lei i left as a gift of my gratitude.

*~Someone kindly set up a little faucet system at this particular spring where getting water is easy!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

**~Bjork Crystalline Dreams~**

Released on my birthday....  what a Blessing!!!!!

Nothing makes my heart flutter more than the sonic love that comes from this woman. In celebration of the earth crystal magic and the release of BJORKS first single **CRYSTALLINE** off her new album, i share with you a few of the crystal friends Agustin and I carry.  These photos are very special to me as these scared seeds are all very close to heart.  These are our first family.

The crystals laid out in Peru...
From our first trip to Kauai together...
I make special little carrying homes for them all...
Mandalas in New Zealand...
An alter in our van...
After an ocean dip...
Rainbows of light!

If you have crystals.... take them out! They are tools for us! Connect with them! Bathe them in the moonlight, bathe them in the sea! Don't let them sit on your shelves! :)
Thank you Mama for your beautiful gifts!
~ You can buy the CRYSTALLINE single HERE on itunes...