Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waves of Grain traveling!!!!

We have left the island for a few months to travel the mainland a bit.  We first ventured into California and caught up with family and friends. I went though a bunch of my old clothes and posted them on ETSY... have a look here.....  ☀ Daughter of the Sun ETSY vintage ☀
 We are now in the heart of America...  Lawrence Kansas!  Agustins family is from here...  what a sweet little town!   We performed a flower ceremony for his sisters wedding which was so beautiful.  Agustin played the flute and I blessed the couple with a ton of flowers!   I will post photos soon.   Grandma Jane is here and is 97 years old!  She was busting moves on the dance floor like i have never seen before!  AMAZING WOMAN!  Beautiful wedding. We will venture to Boulder Colorado after this.  Feels good to be roaming about exploring the mainland a bit.
The kickstarter project has 10 days left!  Thank you to all those who have donated!   We still need about 4,000 more to reach our goal!  If your feeling called to donate thank you, thank you, thank you!  We need all the backers we can get!  Here is another link, just in case!
Infinite love and blessings from Kansas!