Sunday, February 26, 2012

⋅⋅⋇∷∵∵∵∾ A M A L I A ∾∵∵∵∷⋇⋅⋅

When Agustin and I came back to Kauai after our time in New Zealand I was really calling in some island sisters.  This quickly became reality when i met Amalia.  I had seen her at the Farmers Market and couldn't stop staring.  She had two beautiful boys with long hair,  one in arms.  Her Husband  Boaz gracefully by her side. She represented the Ultimate Goddess in every way.  We found out later the crush was mutual as I was pregnant in my full glow.  Amalia took care of our family when Naia entered in.  She brought us amazing meals and was there whenever I needed new Mama advice.   I have waited for the day when I could in return be of service to my beautiful sister.   Amalia is due to give birth any day now and I am so grateful to have captured her in this most highest, ripest place!  I love this woman. 

Amalia also makes jewelry...  Kauai Rainbow bling that  sells like crazy here on the islands!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

♀ Divine Feminine Heiau ♀

We have been staying with our beautiful Ohana here at Noni Land.  Noni Land is a raw foods community founded by our friend David Wolfe.  The land is abundant with noni, cacao, coconuts, avocados and much, much more...  including honey bees!! I will be sharing a post on the land itself soon.

Recently a Heiau was discovered on the land by an energy worker visiting here.   A Heiau is an ancient Hawaiian temple where people would make offerings, heal the sick, pray etc. Diana, the woman who discovered the Heiau has been downloading its history for the last week and discovered it was used by woman as a place to gather and be during their moon times. Today eight of us woman held a circle at the Heiau to sing, sit and just BE.  We made crowns made of tea leaves and blue jade vines.  We offered food and flowers as a gift of Gratiude and honored of all those who gathered there long ago.  One woman even offered her locks of hair.  I am continually humbled by the beauty and life of this island.

Blue jade flowers and a finished crown
Cording the crown
Naia joined us too!
Diana and her basket of offerings 

The Heiau site
Gifts for the mama
Locks of Love

Monday, February 13, 2012

☪☩ Sisters of the Black Moon Apothecary ☩☪

Delicious nourishment for your beautiful body!! Just made a few products for the Goddesses of Austin, Sisters of the Black Moon. Vanilla and Rose based essential oils along with a superfood herbal mask. Its Valentines day... love yourself up! Rose wrapped sage bundles coming soon! 
                            SISTERS OF THE BLACK MOON  
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

☉☉ Liquid gold straight from the tap ☉☉

The most important thing we can do for our babies is offer them the finest of gifts, our breast milk.  So many of us would never think twice about not breastfeeding but as we know, there are many woman who have chosen not to either because they were never educated about the importance of breastfeeding or they simple cannot for various reasons.  If this is the case, you can always ask your local Leche League about woman in the area who may be able to pump for you.  A few of us woman in Hawaii did this for a teenage girl who left her newborn with her Tutu (Grandmother in Hawaiian).  Many indigenous cultures share the breast with other children and feed for Mamas who are not able to produce.   Just another One of the beauties of living in Community!
Reading some of the posts about the yoga mama photo, I was amazed by how many were actually offended upon seeing the photo.  I wanted to put together a small collage of inspiring woman throughout the world that are offering the breast in many shapes and forms.  We are so  dysfunctional here in America when it comes to sexuality, nudity, and even public breastfeeding!!   We need some serious sexual healing.
Thank you to all of the Amazing And Powerful woman out there who have allowed themselves the gift of Breastfeeding.  The bonding that takes place during this sacred time is truly unexplainable.