Friday, March 23, 2012

♈≽ ≽ ∘∘∘Spring Equinox Blast Off!∘∘∘ ⋞⋞♈

California calls again as a month long stop before we head down to Peru. This means, leaving our Kauai home behind for the next three moons. The Equinox seemed like a great time to depart the Aina as one cycle ends and another begins. We spent our last few days on the land we used to live on as it hold such a dear place in our hearts. We buried Naia's placenta  there exactly one year ago under a giant ULU tree. The Equinox was spent placing offerings throughout the land, meditating in all of our favorite spots, tending to the soil, weaving the plants and last, sharing a ceremonial sacred fire. We are grateful in all ways to our Kauai Family. Mahalo Nui Loa. ~ This post is dedicated to the precious soul who entered onto the Earth Plane tonight. Amalia and Boaz welcomed their baby girl at home under the Kawaiian skies. Love surrounding...
The Master Quartz 
Aotearoa Indigenous Wisdom
Purple Heart Potato on Citrine
Writing out our intentions for this next cycle

Practicing Independence

Sacred Golden Eagle Feather
Grounding the Light
Teaching the Keikis to Weave  the Plants
Crystal Family
Star Tetrahedron Blast
Ulu and Tea Leaf Offering
Goddesses working the Land
Feeding the fire
The Sacred Flame

Monday, March 12, 2012

∿∿◌ ⌯Earth Magic⌯ ◌∿∿

 One of my favorite things is making earth mandalas.  I had recently promised myself that I would try and make one a week when i soon return to California to visit my family.   I have a collection of images from previous offerings that i was about to share until I saw these.  They took my breath away.  I feel I am writing this from an altered state as I have been starting into these all morning!  Truly inspiring in every way.  Imagine if we all made these daily, even weekly.  This is my prayer, that you are inspired to create a beautiful offering of your own.

These Mandalas are the work of Kathy Klein.   For more heart intoxicating beauty, please visit her website: ~DANMALA~

Friday, March 9, 2012

✴✴✺ Peruvian Bling ✺✴✴

Living on Kauai and mostly wearing bikinis and sarongs, I don't usually post about fashion but this video is just blowing my mind.  I would love to visit this guy when we are there and try and get him to sell me that green dress towards the end!    Amazing work Francisco Herrera!  Enjoy...  Peruvian Bling