Tuesday, April 24, 2012

⌓⑊⑊⌓⍭ Sun Sagin' ⍭⌓⑊⑊⌓

 A beautiful sister named Kelly from The Wandering West bought some sage from me this Spring.  She sent me a few photos of a psychedelic day in the sun.  I couldn't help but share the beauty of what she captured along with a few photos of my own.  The Spirit of the sage is clearly alive and shining bright!

Friday, April 20, 2012

◂〉◂〉◂〉 ◂BOTTLES OF LIGHT◂〈◂〈◂〈◂

I am honored to be sharing in this creation with such a magical spirit                                                              〉〉PENABRANCA〈〈  
       On this Earth Day weekend, we present to you  the beautiful
                              〉〉 BOTTLES OF LIGHT〈〈    ~ with Amazonite Crystals
Coming to ETSY on New Moon Monday.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

☬ ~The Festival of Light~ ☬

While rockers and rollers sip beer in the hot sun of the Coachella Valley desert, another sort of gathering is happening just over the mountain. A place where Yogis and Yoginis practice Kundalini yoga from 4 am until sundown. The high here is free and the vibration... well, there just are no words.   This is SAT NAM Fest.

 I discovered Kundalini yoga six years ago when i started taking classes at Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles. I had just ended a four year relationship and was looking to heal not only this separation but also so many other wounds from the past. Within just a few  classes I began to feel the best I had felt since childhood. I wanted to dive deeper but had no idea how deep I was actually going to go. I signed up for teachers training and spent the next 9 months shedding layer after layer of garbage that no longer served me. I was transforming right before my very own eyes. I was getting up at 4 am to meditate, I began wrapping my head, I moved outside into my tipi and... I even stopped drinking. My familys house has always been the one where everyone goes to Party. (Its in my genes. I had to break the pattern!) My friends thought I was going crazy. This was all in the height of the famous Laurel Canyon Jams that my Brother Jonathan Wilson and his beautiful partner Lady D (one of my dearest) had been hosting every Wednesday night. I would show up high as a kite just have been given a gong blast by my teacher Harijiwan. I was experiencing a natural high for the first time in my life. This was the beginning of something that changed my life forever. It was during this time that i discovered the power of manifestation as anything and everything i could ever dream of was entering into my reality left and right. Including my Beautiful Beloved Agustin aka White Flight.

 Many readers have asked how I came to live the way I/WE do. Its simple, I begin to truly love myself and care for my body as it should be. This temple of light had been suffering for too long and the more I tuned into my body and started listening to its needs, the more I was rewarded. I remembered the warmth of the heart and started to live from this space again.  I became so in awe of what was happening around me I would just break down and cry at the pure beauty of what I was experiencing. I stepped foot onto the BEAUTY PATH and once your there, its hard to go back.

 I have been wanting to share more about my transformation and also want to be able to help in anyway I can with advice on living in Community, getting out of the grind, off of the grid or anything else that sparks the curiosity. I will continue over the next few months sharing about my journey but I thought this would be a good start as it was really the YOGA that brought me back to my authentic self.     It takes dedication and discipline and it can be more challenging than you can ever imagine but everyday I give thanks and everyday I show up to be the best Mama, Lover and Human that I can be.

 Thank you, I love you, I'm Sorry, Forgive me. ~Hawaiian Ho Ľoponopono prayer~             To be continued...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

◦◗Lucious Lavender, Vanilla and Amber Lip Balm◖◦

~ All of our lavender is in full bloom now, so i have been inspired to make some yummy lip balm! This recipe is super easy and fast. I added a bit of vanilla bean oil and amber to make the perfect combination of scents. The honey is great for dryness and tastes amazing on the lips!

  • 4 Tbsp organic Coconut, jojoba, or almond oil
  • 1 Tbsp grated beeswax or beeswax pearls
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1/4 tsp vitamin E oil 
  • 3 drops lavender, amber essential oil (or other essential oil) and a vanilla bean opened and squeezed into mixture

  • ~Warm the oils, beeswax and honey in a small, stainless steel pot or bowl. Be sure to warm it on low heat. ( a double boiler works best.) Stir until the beeswax is completely melted. Remove from heat and quickly whisk in the essential oil and vitamin E. quickly transfer the balm into your lip balm container (tube or tin) and allow to set for 3 hours or until hard.
                                             These are great gifts too!
                                                    ~Blessed Spring~

    Thursday, April 5, 2012

    .:⋱⋮⋰⋱⋮⋰ Spring time busy bee ⋱⋮⋰⋱⋮⋰:.

    Foggy Notion SF DOTS Display
    The Serape Wallets

    The Gypsy Box mini

    Fits it all

    Tiny Treasures
    Peruvian Wrapped Bangles
                              ~With more new items being added weekly~
                                                Daughter of the Sun

    Monday, April 2, 2012

    ◬♒☼ Daughter of the Sun Spring Give away! ☼♒◬

    I am truly grateful to all who have followed Daughter of the Sun since its birthing in Spring of 2006. This feels like a beautiful time to do a small giveaway in honor of you all! Thank you for your support and love and for allowing me to weave in and out of the creation process! So many new ideas being born, I breathe into this moment and bow my head to you. Mahalo, Gracias, Kia Ora, Sat Nam. xx

     ~ I offer to you all one of my Quartz Crystal necklaces in color of your choice and 3 bundles of my California sage. To enter into the giveaway, please see below!

    Its super easy to enter into the giveaway! All you have to do is... 

    1. Follow Daughter of the Sun on Bloglovin...here 
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    4. Leave your name and color of choice (white, gold or black) in a comment below.
    ** 1 Winner will be drawn at random and announced May 1st!  Blessed Spring!