Monday, June 18, 2012

╱☼╲ Daughter of the Sun offering pouch ╱☼╲

Just in time for the Summer Solstice Celebration,  I share with you my ceremonial offering pouches.  The perfect gifts for this sacred day...
This beautiful offering pouch is one of my favorite creations. I have dreamt of making these little bags since the last time I was in South America. When making a despacho ceremony, the shamen use these small bags filled with sacred herbs and colored confetti. This my version, marrying the energies of the Condor and the Eagle, the North and South.

Inside are sacred treasures collected from my travels over the last five years. These are great little on the go ceremony bags. Perfect for cleansing and purification, or when you need to send out a strong prayer to the Universe. I love to use them when I am out in nature, purely as an offering to Pacha Mama. If you want to start making sacred ceremony or offerings and are not sure how, this is the perfect little tool! 

~The Pachamama, Mother Earth, offering is a collection of natural gifts representing that which we want to purify and manifest in our lives.  We connect consciously with the Pachamama, offering several times a year mostly on powerful energetic days like the Solstice and Equinox or when we are closing a cycle or getting ready to begin anew.  It's our way of bestowing  gratitude, love and respect for the earth and all its creatures, as well as those from other realms like the nature spirits, our spirit guides, and ascended masters. We give our thanks for the blessings we have received and lessons we have learned.  Through this ritual we show Pachamama our devotion to serving and protecting the earth.  A way to show our gratitude and dedication in service to her.  Below is a small outline of just one of the ways my family and I like to make offering ceremonies. ~

1. To begin, find a place out in nature where its quite and you won't be distracted.  Sage yourself with some of the ritual sage provided. You can also use the coal and some  herbs allowing them to burn during the ceremony. It’s a good idea to be sitting or kneeling on the earth. Ground yourself – feel yourself rooted to the earth.
2. Remember your heartspace and the beauty that exists within. Express your gratitude to Pachamama and all life surrounding. 
3. Select an offering from the pouch and hold it in your hand, third eye or at your heart.
4. Next – Ask Pachamama to purify that which no longer serves you. Perhaps it is something that distracts you from fulfilling something that is your true heart’s desire. (By purifying and transmuting that which no longer serves you, you clear the way for your manifestation).
5. Place your offering in the pile. The pile can be placed in a small manta, cloth, paper, or on the earth if your going to be leaving it as a mandala or such.  
6. Select another offering and hold it in your hand, heart, or third eye. It could be one or a mixture. Pick ones that best symbolize your manifestation.
7. Next – Ask Pachamama to manifest something in your life. It’s always best to request your true heart’s desire. Be as detailed and specific as you can be and see yourself experiencing your manifestation and feel the manifestation taking place as its already happened with your whole being!  Be sure to fill your heart with love as you visualize your manifestation.  
8. Place your offering in the pile. You can continue in the way with different offerings until you are finished. 
9. Take a deep breath breathing in all that IS and close the ceremony by once again giving thanks to Pachamama and all life surrounding.  
10.  Place your offerings wrapped in paper into a fire, sending your prayers up to Spirit. You can also burry the offerings in the earth.  
The Pouch includes:
2 palo santo sticks from Peru
Copal from Guatemala
1 Tobacco stick from the Peruvian amazon (mapacho)
Cocoa Leafs from Peru
Sage leaves from California
Roses from New Zealand
Seashells from Kauai and New Zealand
Purple Corn from Peru
Cacao from Bali
Mixture of herbs and rainbow confetti from Peru
Piece of coal for burning herbs

We will be spending the Summer Solstice this year back home on Kauai!  If your interested in visiting the island this summer please send us a message!  Much love and gratititude from the heart, aloha! xx
                                                     available on my ETSY!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

⫷ Tawatainsuyo Warmi ⫸

During my journey back down to Peru I had a strong vision to share the light that exists in the Southern Andes. I wanted to celebrate the Sacred valley and the Inka Woman, Tawatainsuyo Warmi. This mystic valley is a place where beauty exists in all directions.  I decided to gather together three strong, wise, and beautiful women that could help bring this manifestation into reality. This is our creation, our gift to the Mama, our gift to you.

Photogaphy by Amanda Charchian, Peruvian born actress Nathalie Kelley, styling by Prism of Threads and Daughter of the Sun.

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                                            Gracias Pacha Mama.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

⟫⟫⟣⟣ Andean Magic with Instragram ⟢⟢⟪⟪

We have returned from our magical journey to the land of light.  Instagram was amazing during this time as i was able to share the beauty that surrounded us.  You can follow me at ~ daughterofthesun~ for a more intimate look! 

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