Thursday, September 20, 2012

.⠊♒♍♒ Birthing into Sacred Waters ♒♍♒⠑.

Melissa and I spent a day up in mystic Waialeale, the wettest spot on earth,  offering prayers and visions of health and strength for this new light being entering in.

Mellow Mama. Just ten minutes before Stellar arrived. Staying calm, clear and connected for her baby.

Caught by both Mama and Papa, a second crowning as Stellar takes her first breath.  The most beautiful moment a mother can experience.  There are no words.
Wow! What a week it has been! Stellar arrived a week before her "due date" catching us all by surprise. She was born outdoors Friday morning under the sunny Hawaiian sky at 11:39 am weighing 7lbs, 8 ozs. Healthy and glowing in all ways. Agustin, Naia and I were present at the birth. I shot photos, Agustin ran around for the midwives and Naia sat as calm as can be picking flowers and placing them around the tub. She knew exactly what was happening as just two years prior she herself took her first breath in the same exact tub.

 I may have to start photographing more home births as I have had some serious birth buzz goin' on since this surreal event took place. Its hard to write about as us Mamas know,  and for those who are not yet mamas, can only imagine. It brings tears to my eyes writing these words. Home births are not for everyone, though I believe deep down every woman is capable of one, with a few exceptions of course. The surroundings of a home birth do not even compare to those of a hospital birth. It's your birth and you choose exactly the way you would like your baby to come in. Your voice is heard in every way. The baby comes through on its own divine timing. That hint of fear of a lawsuit, better protect myself and the rush to move to the next patient just does not exist. That's not to say there aren't  hospitals, doctors and nurses doing amazing things for Woman!

 We are extremely fortunate to have the team of midwifes we do on this island. Though I know there are thousands of woman who have had there babies here in the hospital, I have yet to meet one. Home birth Kauai are busy little bees! Claudia, Chloe, Sharon and Colleen are doing some serious shamanic service! I like to think of all midwifes as Shamans. They are working on all levels with all energies while maintaining their peaceful presence. Many of my sisters on the mainland have shared that they cannot afford a home birth. From what I know home births on the mainland start at around 5,000. Home birth Kauai charges 2500.00 for all prenatal care, the actual birth and postnatal care as well. Why not spend the other 2500.00 to get here, live here for a few months and have your baby in Paradise?! If your thinking about having a home birth and don't know where to begin Home Birth Kauai is a great place to start!!

 Endless gratitude to our dear family Jackson and Melissa for allowing us to share these magical intimate photos and for the gift of witnessing  the miracle of a child's first breath.
 Aloha Nui Loa

~We would have loved to share the beauty of nudity but, blogger asks that we not allow such things!  : ) Flower nipples courtesy of PS.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

※∘∘∘⊹∘∘∘The Garden of Aloha∘∘∘⊹∘∘∘※

Goats for milk, chickens for eggs and kitties to cuddle

Beginning phases of a Earthen sweat

Solar and wind powered energy= completely free from the system
Beehive Dome

Being raised on and from the fertile red Earth

Awaiting the arrival of baby Stellar

We first  met Jackson and Melissa several years back when we teamed up with them to start a permaculture exploration on a piece of land here on Kauai known as Zero One.  Together we created a community of a dozen or so people who were all working on simplifying their lives and healing their bodies.  This meant lots of yoga, raw food and creative communal projects on the land.  It was such a sacred time for us all and we were truly deepening our beings with every moment.  The rug was quickly swept out from under our feet of bliss when the land owner came in and decided he had another vision in mind.  This is a common occurrence when you yourself are not legally tied to the land you are living on.  It was of course a blessing for us all as four of us moved to another amazing desert community in Baja Mexico, some left the island to travel and some stayed on the island to do it all over again.  Except for this time...  the land is being sold to them!

Jackson and Melissa Nash are some of the islands finest folk! Jackson was raised here on Kauai and Melissa arrived when she decided she had had enough of the every day 9-5.  They first arrived on this 5 acre plot of soil and wild bush just eight months ago.  Since then, they along with a handful of other folks have planted over six giant food gardens, converted their bus into a home and are now completely off the grid AND they are doing it all in Paradise!  Though they left their 9-5 jobs, they traded them in for a 24-7 labor of love.  It's not easy starting from scratch but with dedication and a new baby on the way, for them,  it's worth every moment!  Jack and Melissa will welcome their first child Stellar in just under two weeks.  Melissa will have a home birth and will soon be raising this beautiful keiki in tune with the Mama's magic!  Looks like Jackson's Papa really knew what he was talking about when he wrote the lyrics to the CSNY hit song "Teach your children well."
Check out Jackson's amazing website Super Forest!
9/14 UPDATE:  Melissa and Jackson welcomed Baby Stellar Nash today!  A beautiful, smooth and surreal natural water birth.  Our family was there to share in the gorgeous celebration of life!  What an amazing morning!  WOW.