Tuesday, December 18, 2012

☮ Stellar Gardens and Indiegogo! ☮

Jackson and Melissa Nash have recently launched their Indiegogo Campaign! They have created a beautiful video inspired by their new daughter Stellar Joy. They are hoping to raise funds to build a media center on their land so that they can bring their everyday life to you! Part of their vision is to inspire others to also get back to the land and out of the system. They are offering up some amazing rewards including a private concert from the legendary Graham Nash!! There are tons of other great offerings such as hand painted drawings from the family. Jackson is one of my favorite artists by the way. I am also collaborating with them on their earth vile necklaces. So excited to see this all come to fruition! They are such incredible beings, please help to spread the love!
Stellar Gardens - A Family Journey from Stellar Gardens on Vimeo.

Please feel free to share the Love!! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

☄♪♡♪ White Flight Love Lotus ♪♡♪☄

After nine months of continuous inner and outer traveling, the new White Flight album is complete!  Its been such an honor to be present with my beloved Agustin as he has woven his sonic sounds throughout  Peru, Kauai and California.   I am beyond excited for him to share the magic that has been created during this time!  We have been singing and dancing and loving non stop!  The new album will be birthed in early 2013!  Until then, you can check out his sounds on ITUNES.

Some of Agustin's Artwork
Into the Pacha Portal

Playing on Kauai with the amazing Neil Krug and his beautiful wife Joni
At home in New Zealand
Sonic Offering
Heart of Gold

The Magic began here...
Sacred Sounds in Peru

Recording in Wainiha Valley on Kauai

Giving thanks in every moment!
This was our beautiful van we lived in for the year we were in New Zealand.  

Creating beauty where ever he goes! 

Children of the Light and Panther singles available on ITUNES

Photo by Neil Krug

 Golden  Trinity

I haven't shared too much about this sacred love as it is just that.  These have been truly the most blessed years of my life.  Everyday is an opportunity to live and love in our highest potential.  Since connecting with Agustin over six years ago all of my dreams have become reality.  He is my lover, my teacher and my best friend.  I am continuously inspired by his discipline as a spiritual being and the beauty that he emanates from within.   This new album is filled with so much light and reminds us to have fun and dance as much as possible!  I just can't get enough of these sounds and soon, you won't be able to either!                                                                                                                        
Range Life Records
White Flight Kickstarter Campaign