Tuesday, February 12, 2013

➳❂ Mara Hoffman, Neil Krug and White Flight ❂➳

The Aloha Vibes are being felt so strong these days.  Its a good time to tune in with the islands and the warmth that comes along with the Aloha.  Mara Hoffman's Fall/Winter 2013 line is just that. An incredible dance with some of my favorite people, including my lover and booty shakin' partner, White Flight.  The beautiful ALOHA video features one of his songs off the new album premeiring exclusivly on Mara's website.  Also super stoked that Mara was bumping the White Flight sounds on the runway just this last week.  Check out the sonic collaboration below!

ALOHA- Mara Hoffman from mara hoffman on Vimeo.


Shelby Sunshine said...

Absolutely breathtaking! Excited for the CD. My daughters are half Kichwa from Ecuador. Love the Andean harmonics. Linked to your beloved's info last week. luZ y paZ hermana <3 http://www.livingthebeautyway.com/2013/02/01/in-a-tree-house/

Nathalie Crottaz said...

This collection is really beautiful, I dream of having one of their dresses.
But White Flight is unquestionably the star for me in this post. because the whole musical universe gives dimension to the collection, confirms, expresses and reflects the feelings that we experience under the summer sun... the sounds around us... the festive evenings unforgettable and all nostalgic feelins we can have in our life... with the most beautiful medium that it exist: music.
White flight appealed to our emotions very subtly and sends us insconciament a dose of positive energy and peace at the same time really comfortable.
this is what inspires me White Flight emotions... I like listen obsidian music when I'm making my glass beads... all my friendship, Neha Crea.

Daughter of the Sun said...

WOW! So much gratitude to you both! Neha~ Thank you for your gorgeous words. Thank you for feeling the magic of the music, the delicate and intricate sounds from the heart. The highest of vibrations are pouring from this new music. There is a golden egg about to hatch!! Love to you sisters!! aloha! xoxoxox