Monday, July 15, 2013

>>>✹ Elements Gathering ✹<<<

In the Spring of 2006 I attended my first primitive skills gathering.  I traveled alone to the Arizona Desert where my life would change forever.  I spent the week in pure awe of what these gorgeous humans were all doing;  Living off the land with such a deep connection to the earth.   I felt such gratitude to myself for listening to my hearts calling and allowing the remembrance of so much forgotten to once again shine through.  I sweat for 3 nights with my dear Lakota Teachers Lighthawk and Mahapai sending prayers from within and releasing years and years of stagnant energy and programming.

I made my first ever woven basket, learned about the desert plants and all of their medicinal properties, made a pair of moccasins,  a drum, a rawhide bag and so much more.  This was the beginning of a huge transformation that I had been calling in for years.  I continued to study primitive skills with the  teachers in Los Angeles that were sharing their knowledge, Christopher Nyerges, and Delmar Lathers to name a few.  I went to countless other primitive skills gatherings over the years deepening my connection with these teachers, the earth and her gifts.   I have now learned to tan hides, weave baskets, make shoes, sew my own buckskin clothes,  create tools, and now have a deep understanding of many of the plants, their gifts and their medicine.  This is just a small handful of what I have learned through primitive skills. I also bought a 16' teepee that I lived in for two years. The possibilities were/are endless!  I am completely addicted to learning the primitive ways and have never looked back since that first gathering.  I have used the tools and the knowledge learned over and over again throughout the last seven years.

This Summer in Southern California the first ever festival style Primitive Skills gathering will take place.  Some of my dearest teachers and friends will be there sharing their wisdom of the land.  Many of you have wrote to me over the years asking how you can break away from the 9-5 system.  I believe it can start here.   Primitive Skills changed my whole outlook on life and the consumerism we surround ourselves with.   This way of life is what i refer to as "simple living".   I encourage anyone who is longing to step outside of the box to attend this gathering.   I am grateful and honored to be teaching at the gathering this year.  I will be sharing about ceremonial earth offerings along with classes on buckskin beaded medicine bags. Please come and say hello if you do attend!  We head back to Kauai in a few weeks so I am so happy to be leaving California with the Elements Gathering as part of this summer journey!

Living outdoors under the stars

Example of Medicine Pouch class I will be teaching

Beautiful wisdom keepers Brooke Medicine Eagle and Suni Baba

Saskatoon Circle founders and dear friends Eric and Cameron
Handmade shoes I made after learning shoe making skills at the gatherings
Primitive pottery with my brother Delmar Lathers

Buckskin creations by Johnny Rock
Hide Tanning

Woven Basketry
A willow woven basket I made along with the amazing Margaret weaving her own magic! 

Hand Drill fire making


Shabana Buwalda said...

the internet is a beautiful place because I get to meet people like you. this blog just made me feel so alive and rooted.
namaste to you goddess of earth!

Shelby Sunshine said...

Me and my girls will be there on Sunday! Would be awesome to meet you and your family. Looking forward to the gathering. :)

Daughter of the Sun said...

Hi Shelby! will be there Mon- Thursday! Hope to squeeze you and your littles! xoxo

Daughter of the Sun said...

Shabana~ Thank you sis! Hope you get to attend a gathering at some point! They are so beautiful! blessings! xx

mama appleseed said...

I love the moccasin boots you made! Do you have a pattern or have any intention to create a tutorial? I would love to make myself a pair... they are so beautiful. x

Caroline Gilsoul said...

I love internet for one reason..we can meet beautiful people all other the world..

Your blog helps me to feel good..a real Hapiness'fountain..It helps to energize..
Thank you for sharing

Caroline (France)

Bellide said...

I would like to ask why the Gathering is called 'Primitive Skills'. 'Primitive' is a politically incorrect and racist term with a highly pejorative connotation, also linked with White Supremacist Ideology. It is not used in academic publications anymore.
On the contrary, the skills practiced in this Gathering seem to be very evolved and by no means 'primitive' - just look at those woven baskets!

Best regards from Germany!

Trentent Silver said...

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julie said...

This is inspiring as all of my friends live "Natural " as you do, From Mother Earth. Thank you for sharing.