Monday, January 14, 2013

☾♀☾ Gathering upon the New Moon ☾♀☾

Through generations past, the power of woman gathering has been acknowledged.  It is  here we call upon this wisdom.  We gather to nurture, reflect, inspire, heal and illuminate ourselves and each other.  I have sat in a few different new moon circles over the years and through a vision of a dear sister, we felt we were being called to begin again this year.  

For this first lunar cycle of 2013, we called together 13 sisters to sit in circle offering prayers and intentions for the new moon and new year.  We shared a beautiful pot of tea with herbs from our garden and then headed into the yurt to begin.  Each woman was cleansed with sage before entering the space.   I had prepared an altar with all elements present and a few sacred tools.  We sat in circle and opened the evening with prayers and gratitude.  

Before Naia was born I was blessed to have an Aboriginal Elder and also a midwife named Auntie Gracie come and stay with us just days before she arrived.   She would massage me daily and share stories of birth and of her tribe.  When she left she gifted me a pair of wooden clap-sticks that had been prayed with and blessed by Aboriginal Women.  It only felt appropriate that I use one of these clap-sticks for the talking stick around the circle.  As the clap-stick went round the circle each woman was able to speak.  We shared our visions, dreams and prayers for the new moon and new year.  

 I had put together a bowl with a mixture of sacred salts.  While each sister shared her words, she placed essential oils and dried herbs into the bowl.  When the circle was complete, we all placed our hands into the bowl and mixed the salts.  I had little jars waiting that we collected the newly fragrant and love filled bath scrub into.  This way, we will be able to bathe with the salts throughout the month and remember the power of intention and prayer and the energy of the sisterhood.  

We closed the circle with songs and then gathered into the night for more tea and sharing.   Each new moon we will offer something different for the gatherings.  It's all happening!! I pray that we can all begin to remember the beauty and power of coming together as women in sacred circle.  If you have never taken part in a new moon ceremony and are feeling called, it may be good to start with a small group of intimate friends and then begin to watch the circle grow throughout the year.   Its truly such a special gift to ourselves and the planet!   It's also a perfect opportunity to tune in and connect with all the other sister circles happening around the earth as well! 

Women are ready.  Changes in our culture are necessary and the women are going to build infrastructure for our lives that includes support for our womanhood journey!!

Lets do this!  xx Amy

Thursday, January 3, 2013

❤ ~Into the light we go~ ❤

Feeling so alive these last few weeks.  So much of what we have been waiting for is here, NOW!  I have never been so excited for a new cycle to begin!  Knowing deep down in my core that 2013 will be the year for so many of us to truly rise into our power and step into our highest potential!  As woman especially, this is such a potent time for us!! Life just keeps getting better and better!  
There is a  really beautiful and exciting project that I have been working on over the last few months.  Something so very special and sacred.  We are hoping to be birthing the project this Spring.  This has brought me a bit away from the blog and also the Etsy shop as a lot of my energy has shifted now.   Though I will still be here, this time is precious for us as our internal and external work is being cultivated.  Kinda like  a baby in the womb that is growing and expanding in all directions!  
Our family arrived back on Kauai after a month long journey to the mainland.  Both of us were in work mode there, Agustin finishing up his album and myself meeting with amazing woman and diving into the newest love as mentioned above. Feeling really good being back on the Aina as i am always reminded of the beauty of stillness here.  Island time is just about as slow as its gets.  I thrive on this lifestyle because I have lived in cities and spent most of my life wanting everything to be finished yesterday!  I learn so much about myself and what my being is truly calling in when I am home on Kauai.
We are care taking an amazing piece of land for several months for some dear friends who are traveling in Africa. This means we get to live in a yurt and make food in a super special rainbow kitchen!!  The land is covered with fruit trees and also has a beautiful garden along with a river that connects with the Ocean just a kayak ride away. There are also some giant stones here as the land was once used for Hawaiian ceremonies.  We spent our solstice with these stones.  In deep mediation soaking up the mana of our surroundings and the energy present during this most auspicious time!
I am also feeling super grateful that the land has no Internet access!  I really enjoy taking a break from these machines now and then.  We just watched a super powerful film on YouTube called "Resonance".  Really opened my eyes to what these little electronic devices are doing.  Something I think everyone needs to be aware of.  So, I'm stepping into hibernation for bit though you can still find me active on Instagram.  Really been enjoying sharing the beauty that surrounds us all! 
Thank you for honoring this quite time.  Knowing we are all in our internal process now as we wrap ourselves in Winter's embrace.
Many blessings and much aloha from the Islands!