Tuesday, February 19, 2013

❈♥❈ Earth Offerings ❈♥❈

My Papa always taught us to give more than you take.  It's been something that has been really engrained in my being.  Making offerings to the Mama is one way I like to practice these teachings.  It brings so much love to my heart to make these offerings and the beautiful thing is, you can make them anywhere.   I try to make an offering at least once a month.  Some are smaller and more intricate and others are much larger in size.  It's been a bit challenging to make offerings with Naia because most of the time she just wants to destroy them which is of course a big lesson in non attachment.  I have learned to work a lot faster when she is around!  She is also learning how to make her own now so things are getting easier.  : )

In just a week, Our small family will travel to Bali for one month.  The Balinese are masters of offerings.  They make offerings daily, giving thanks to the spirits as they are rich in Spirituality.  I am ready to experience a new depth of these rituals and am looking forward to laying down some beauty in the Southern Hemisphere.

Birth of a new baby being,  Maha'ulepu Kauai  2013

 Winter Solstice,  Moloa'a Kauai 2013

Election Peace offering, California 2012

Return of my Moon,  Sacred Valley Peru 2012

Spring Equinox, California 2012

Rainbow Bridge,  Joshua Tree 2011

Tiny Treasures, Tunnels Beach Kauai 2012
Chinese New Year of the Snake, Kauai 2013

Tawatainsuyo Warmi, California 2012

Spring Equinox Kauai 2012

Naia's first offering, Kauai 2013

Earth's Children, Kauai 2013

Sea Offering,  Mendocino CA, 2009

Fungi Offering, Washington 2010

Peruvian Love offering, Sacred Valley Peru 2009

Wild plant forging before offering, California 2012

Abundance, Washington 2009

Peruvian Portal offering, Ollantaytambo 2012

Summer Solstice, Kauai 2012
Dalai Lama visit, Auckland New Zealand 2009

Winter Solstice, Coromandel New Zealand 2008

Drunvalo Melchizedek,  North Island New Zealand 2008

Farewell Aotearoa offering, New Zealand 2009

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

➳❂ Mara Hoffman, Neil Krug and White Flight ❂➳

The Aloha Vibes are being felt so strong these days.  Its a good time to tune in with the islands and the warmth that comes along with the Aloha.  Mara Hoffman's Fall/Winter 2013 line is just that. An incredible dance with some of my favorite people, including my lover and booty shakin' partner, White Flight.  The beautiful ALOHA video features one of his songs off the new album premeiring exclusivly on Mara's website.  Also super stoked that Mara was bumping the White Flight sounds on the runway just this last week.  Check out the sonic collaboration below!

ALOHA- Mara Hoffman from mara hoffman on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

°°✿ Land of Abundance ✿°°

Hawaii in the winter is the perfect place to be.  Its not too hot yet and most of the days are around 80 and rains on and off throughout the week.   This winter we are care taking our friends land on the North Shore.  It's ancient Hawaiian land where you can feel the energy of the island and its people as soon as you step onto it. We are completely off the grid and in strong relation with the sun. We are also growing all kinds of food which on Kauai you can do year round. Wanted to share just a few photos of the magic that exists here in the Wintertime.
Our home in the jungle.  

Dream time

The rainbow kitchen is the ideal outdoor space.  It's very humid here so it makes it hard to want to cook indoors! 

Aloha abundance!  Some food we harvested from the land and some came from the local farmers market. We have pineapple, papaya, liliqoi, mango, avocado, tangerines, coco and noni! 
So many amazing flowers here!
We are truly surrounded by food.
Naia and I cooling down in the Garden.  One of my favorite places to hang.  There is so much growing just in this small space! Olena, Ginger, culinary and medicinal herbs galore and lots of greens! 
Coconut Heaven

We are on solar so we are definitely living by the sun.  Such a gift to allow for this deepening with our Father. 
Flowers, always flowers.

Aloe is one of our best friends.  Feels amazing inside and outside of the body.

All kinds of life on the islands.  Love the two little lovers snugglin' in the back! 
Reminding us to rest and breathe.

17 sacred stones.  No telling how many ceremonies have been had here.  These stones are such beautiful teachers.  I have spent many hours in silence with these guys. 

Rainbow Bliss